You’re the hospice director. Your first and foremost concern is the care and well-being of your patients and you strive to provide the best possible care.  But you are a business, highly conscious of the bottom line and you must find ways to deliver high quality care in a cost effective way. As costs continue to escalate, you constantly seek ways to do more with less – to stretch that dollar as far as it can reach.

You must have choices.

Choices over your own processes, choices based on patient needs. And you need to be flexible, ready to react quickly, but you need a partner that promotes choice in pharmacy selection and does not force utilization of community or mail order pharmacies.  With Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services, previously HospiScript, the industry’s oldest hospice-centric pharmacy service provider, your pharmacy choices are unlimited and supported by the largest pharmacy network that offers the deepest discounts in the industry. The choice is yours. Contact Optum to learn more about its hospice pharmacy services program and discover how a tailored pharmacy solution can improve care and reduce costs.

Community Pharmacies: Maximize discounts and help reduce costs through a customized network that includes Optum network pharmacies and specialized services of independent pharmacies in your local community. Optum offers the largest owned pharmacy network with over 67,000 retail pharmacies!


Home Delivery: Convenience of prescription home delivery can often be valuable for hospice patients. HospiMail offers the option of home delivery for those hospices desiring to have a full comprehensive home delivery solution, while still offering deep discounts on medications. Our home delivery model can meet all your hospice medication needs. CLICK HERE to learn more. Visit us at NHPCO for an Optum white paper on the value and cost savings on a home delivery program.

In-Patient Unit Solutions: Streamline your in-patient unit (IPU) medication billing while ensuring hospice practitioners have timely access to medication. Maintain a high level of operational efficiency and accurate Medicare reporting in a more cost efficient model. CLICK HERE to learn more about this NEW solution.
Home Infusion: Deliver the best care and streamline your billing through the Optum at-home infusion providers. Our program expands the scope of treatments that can be offered in the home rather than in higher-cost institutional settings. CLICK HERE to learn more.
HospiDiscount Drug Card:  Introduced as the industry’s first free hospice-focused drug card program, every patient has pharmacy access and receives medication discounts, filling a void hospice providers face with medications related to the prognosis, but not hospice covered. CLICK HERE to print a free copy of the card.
About Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services
Optum is a leading health services and innovation company, which includes the Hospice Pharmacy Service business (previously HospiScript) that delivers care-focused, innovative and cost-effective solutions.  With 100,000+ people world-wide, hundreds dedicated to hospice, Optum combines its pharmacy network, clinical programs, analytic tool, technology solutions and educational resources to deliver a flexible, forward-thinking approach to hospice care. Optum uniquely collaborates with all participants in health care. Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, employers, health plans, government agencies and life sciences companies rely on Optum services and solutions to solve their most complex challenges and meet the growing needs of the people and communities they serve. For more information visit:

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