For years, Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services has lead the industry with its revolutionary technology solutions, aimed at improving efficiencies with innovative and flexible solutions.  Today, Optum is changing the hospice landscape, once again, with new solutions that save you time and money while advancing patient care.

While others are starting this journey, Optum is further defining the future.

In today’s world, everyone is texting.  Texting is a great way to transmit information quickly, but outside of your contacts, it’s not very practical and of course it may not be HIPAA or HITECH compliant.  Now envision a world where you could text your colleague about a patient who needs additional resources.  Perhaps text your medical director when you need new orders urgently or share a picture of a wound that’s just not healing.  Now imagine if you could also text an Optum pharmacist for advice, text your patient’s pharmacy for a refill or e-prescribe new orders to any pharmacy.  How about texting your patient or families about upcoming visits?

Stop imagining and start asking when these improved Optum solutions can start shaping the future of your hospice, today!

Designed for your smartphone or tablet, makes it easy to manage and update patient eligibility and medication profiles, locate network pharmacies near you and register for educational events on the fly. What’s New: HospiMobile now has enhanced drug therapy review information right at your fingertips, providing clinicians in the field immediate access to therapeutic recommendations and formulary status.

Award winning software, DrFirst™, allows nurses to easily send prescriptions to any pharmacy (local or mail) and notify prescribers of controlled prescription needing signature.  This eliminates phone calls and faxes, which saves time and money. What’s New: Nurses can now send prescriptions directly to any pharmacy, eliminating the need to call and fax. Nurses and prescribers can take full advantage of iPrescribe, a free app that makes e-prescribing – from anywhere – a breeze.
Secure Texting 
Through a HIPAA and HITECH secure solution, Optum affords it’s partners the ability to text and chat internally within their hospice organization, medical directors and referring physicians, Optum, pharmacy partners, and even patients and care givers. This innovative solution allows for 1 on 1 texting, group chats, and broadcast messaging that streamlines workflows and eliminates phone calls and faxes.  What’s New: No other provider offers secure texting seamlessly across multiple organizations. Fully integrated with HospiMobile and DrFirst’s e-prescribing, secure texting enables hospice agencies easy access and care coordination.
About Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services
Optum is a leading health services and innovation company, which includes the Hospice Pharmacy Service business (previously HospiScript) that delivers care-focused, innovative and cost-effective solutions.  With 100,000+ people world-wide, hundreds dedicated to hospice, Optum combines its pharmacy network, clinical programs, analytic tool, technology solutions and educational resources to deliver a flexible, forward-thinking approach to hospice care. Optum uniquely collaborates with all participants in health care. Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, employers, health plans, government agencies and life sciences companies rely on Optum services and solutions to solve their most complex challenges and meet the growing needs of the people and communities they serve. For more information visit:

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