Optum launches new HospiSurveillance program revolutionizing how EMR interfaces can help hospices proactively identify medication trends and savings

Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services, formerly HospiScript, the industry’s oldest hospice-centric pharmacy service provider, has officially launched its HospiSurveillance program which proactively provides hospice management the opportunity to make more informed determinations for the best possible care and improved financial outcomes. By leveraging the EMR interface and utilizing this data in a new way, the Optum clinical staff can connect with the hospice without changing the hospices existing pharmacy services program.

After a very successful pilot, Optum is officially launching the program to all of its clients based on positive results and overall client satisfaction. The benefits and results of the program have been outlined in a new white paper, which demonstrates how the program has improved the value delivered to hospices and has helped hospice organizations meet their financial, clinical, and operational goals. HospiSurveillance is an innovative, data driven, clinical solution which provides:

  • Proactive outreach using integrated data with EMR partners.
  • Medication oversight promoting the best possible patient care and improved clinical outcomes.
  • Opportunities for hospice partners and Optum’s clinical staff to immediately use integrated data concerning medications, providing the ability to intervene prior to medication processing at the pharmacy.
  • Enhanced reporting and improved financial outcomes, providing hospices organization return on investment (ROI) calculations based on integrated EMR data.
“By taking advantage of the superior value that HospiSurveillance provides, hospices can benefit from medication-related cost-savings, improved clinical outcomes, process and quality improvement and better decision-making.  HospiSurveillance opens the door for enhanced collaboration between the hospice organization and Optum, further empowering hospice leadership, prescribers, case managers, and financial analysts to make actionable and sustainable improvements.” said Jillian Baer, PharmD, BCPS – Clinical Manager of Client Relations, Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services.

“HospiSurveillance has been a great program to help us optimize prescribing while also managing costs.  I cannot imagine being without this useful tool.” said Ronald C. – National Hospice Medical Director.

To learn more about this newly released program, as well as published results and realized benefits, contact Optum for a free copy of its HospiSurveillance white paper.

About Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services
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